What are the best budget boning knife for chicken?

Before deciding to purchase on the boning knife, you should know the type of knife is most match your needs? So, what are the best boning knife for chicken? It should be the flexible knife that is around 5 to 8-inches long and features super sharp and narrow blade. It is not difficult task to find this type of knife but you may have to spend thousand dollars for this one.
This is why I have spent my whole day testing a lot of flexible knifes that come with the affordable price but still offer good quality and durability.  If you are the one that have limit budget, you should not overlook my pick of top 4 boning knife for the money.

#1 Victorinox Swiss Army Cutlery Fibrox Pro Boning Knife, Flexible Blade

If you purchase it online, this knife only cost you about $34. This one is definitely best value for the money that you should go for. Victorinox 6-inch boning knife is one of the most popular boning knife that has been received many positive feedbacks from the customers. For boning chicken or other poultry, it is always better to get a thin and flexible blade like this one that.
Due to the 6 inches long and lightweight stainless steel blade with a curved edge, it can helps you easy cut around small bone with the smoothly, delicate cuts. The blade is made from ice-tempered and high-carbon stainless steel, which ensure its durability and rust-consist for such long time use.
Even under regularly, you can rest your mind that this blade will guarantees its sharpness with occasionally sharpen. Victorinox is a popular brand that is well known by their high quality products. Their knives comes with the useful features for both professional chefs and home chefs.

#2 Dexter-Russell S131F-6PCP Boning Knife Sani-Safe White

This is another affordable boning knife, with just about $25 you can a 6-inch curved blade that is especially work well on boning chicken. Dexter-Russell is designed with flexible blade, what help makes smoothly cut.
The handle design for every hand sizes, it is non-slip and easy to grip. The Grip-Tex provides a firmer grasp. What I like about the handle its design to sealed tight the blade. There is no room for bacteria to go inside. The blade is designed for maximum sharpness but it might have a rough edge, what make the sharpening for the blade more easier and require less efforts. However, it is a drawback that it may require more frequently re-sharpen than other knife.
This boning knife is perfect for cutting smaller and thinner items like chicken. It’s only weight about 4.8 ounces, so you can hold it for such a long time without fatigue.

#3 LedgeON 6″ Professional Boning Knife – Pro Series

If you are looking for the extremely sharp blade with a low price and, then LedgeON Pro Serious is good option to consider. With about $23 you can get the boning knife that can be used for both professional chefs and home use. Not only that, it also comes with nice looks and some benefit features.
The blade length is 6-inch, an ideal length for boning chicken. The blade is made from high-carbon stainless steel material, which will ensure perfect and smoothly cutting and long lasting edge retention. It is also very easy to sharpen, you can you it with any sharpening. The blade is designed with super sharp narrow and tapered construction. It is also fully corrosion and rust resistance.
The knife features Pakkawooden handle for firmly grip and well balance. It is full tang blade, which makes it not easy to be break and It is triple-rivet construction ensure the most comfort for users. Its offer you a safely feature as it equipped a Tapered bolster that will prevent your fingers from being cut.
I decided to buy this knife at the first sight as it is really a good looking knife. However, it surprised me by its features within an affordable price. It definitely can be a boning knife for professional chefs but due to its small size and lightweight features, it suits for beginner as well.

#4 Ginsu Gourmet Chikara Series Forged 420J Japanese Stainless Steel Boning Knife

This is the last one and also the also the cheapest knife on this list. At $19 you can buy this superior sharp knife. Its blade is made from premium Japanese stainless steel materials, which ensure it will last for so long and retain its shape even under regularly use.
Not only the low price, this one also the easiest knife to clean compared with other options on my list. What I like most is that it comes with lifetime warranty. However, the handle tents to be small for some users.

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