What to consider when feeding chinchillas with hay?

Chinchillas have very sensitive digestive systems, so feeding them with quality diet in the properly way is essential to their health. One of the most important aspects of daily Chin care is providing the best chinchilla hay.
This article explores the some factors that you may need to choose the right quality hay and also some problems that chinchilla owner often wonder.

#1 Can Chinchillas eat hay only for their diet?

The only hay diet that means feeding your chinchilla nothing but fresh hay, no pellets, no cubes, no greens, and no other treats. Normally, you will be recommend to feed chinchillas with 75% hay, 20% pellets, 5% veggies/fruits and the small amount of treats within a few days in the daily diet.
The fact that pellets for chinchillas are made of hay too, although they can contain added some others ingredients, vitamins and minerals. This is why many chinchilla owner believed that your pets could eat a hay only diet.
However, there are some things have to consider about it. Some chinchillas love to eat pellets more than fresh hay. This is the good way to provide them with full of nutrients. Moreover, in the case if you’re unfortunate to get the bad hay with poor nutrient, then your chinchillas will become deficient. Pellets are safer choice. It should be the best treat for chinchillas.

#2 First cut vs second cut vs third cut

Many chinchillas owner do not understand about the different between the first cutting, the second cutting, and the third cutting.
The first cut is the first growth of hay of the year. It is only best to feed chinchillas if it’s harvested when the grass is immature. Otherwise, it may include more weeds. The first cut is also hard, coarse, indigestible fiber that makes the hay unpalatable.
The second cut has the higher qulity that the first times. The stems will be finer and softer to eat. It also has the better percentage of leaves to stems. The second cut also contains have more protein and fat contents.
The third cut is even softer and finer than the second cut. It also offers the hay with more leaves than steams. However, this time will provide the hay with lack of fiber, what make it not good for chinchillas

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