What are the ideal sizes of toys for dwarf hamsters?

Best toys for dwarf hamster are essential for giving your dwarf a healthy and happy life. There are many homemade solutions and toys available that you can easy find help prevent boredom and satisfy your dwarf hamster’s natural curiosity.
However, there is a problem when looking for dwarf hamsters is that they are small breeds of hamster that may benefit from smaller toys. Sometimes, dwarf-sized toys are even necessary for a dwarf hammie’s safety. This post is the ideal size of some breed-specific toys for dwarf hamster.

#1 Why do you need specific toys for dwarf hamster

The fact that most hamster toys that you often find in these stores are typically meant for Syrian-sized hamsters. However, dwarf hamster may grow to less than half the size of his standard-sized counterparts, or roughly 4 inches long at the maximum. This is why most standard-size toys available on the market are not suit them.
Toys for dwarf hamsters are made in a slightly more compact size to accommodate a dwarf’s smaller package. Smaller toys are more enjoyable and even safer for dwarf hamsters. This is why when purchasing toys for a hamster, you first need to consider the size and type of hamster that you’re shopping for.

#2 Wheel for dwarf hamster

Normally, if you are raising a Syrian hamster, you will need to provide them a wheel at least 8 inches or more. However, this size seems to be too larger for the dwarf one. I would like to recommend that you should not give your dwarf hamsters a wheel that is more than 6.5-inch diameter.
This is because if you get a metal or wire exercise wheel that’s a bit too large for a dwarf hamster, then there is risk that he may get a foot stuck while running and his tail tangled into the wire.

#3 Hidden place for dwarf hamster

dwarf hamsters are more prefer and enjoyable a smaller nesting box or hideaway, as a large one may not make he feel as secure inside. At a little over 4 inches long and wide, the hidden place will be the perfect size for dwarf hamsters as it has just enough space for a dwarf hamster to make comfortable and secure while laying inside.

#4 Small tubes for dwarf hamster

Tubes hidden under the bedding substrate make great toys for hamster to burrow. However, they also prefer to use their tube to sleep. Ideally, the tube that measures about four inches long, and has a diameter of about 2.5 inches is great hiding spot or activity space. Smaller tube may be too small for larger dwarf hamsters to crawl into.

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