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Our casual gourmet euro-intimate inspired, made to order, made from scratch restaurant destination elevates your mind and piques your palate.  Le Crêpe is seductive, sophisticated and playful, a place where people come together to exchange their thoughts and stories—a place full of creativity and inspiration. Le Crêpe re-conceptualizes crêpes with a sharply tailored blend of exceptional taste and undeniable style.

Our lunch, dinner, dessert and weekend breakfast brunch menus are accented by varied and creative crêpes. Le Crêpe offers a unique fare featuring sweet, savory, gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan crêpe’s along with a great selection of teas and coffee blends.

We promise to stay true to our values and maintain quality and sincerity with every guest experience. We invite you to experience the fullness of Le Crêpe!

Come for the food…stay for the atmosphere!

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History of the Crêpe

Legend has it that this dish was invented by a woman who, after accidentally spilling the porridge, decided to cook it on the stove. This produced the very first “Galette”. Fire was the secret element required to capture the delicious flavors of the different ingredients. The “Crêpe”, or as it was traditionally known the “Galette”, was born.

The recipe for making crêpes is very old and they have been prepared in many different ways over 9,000 years. They have been made of wheat flour, corn flour or flour produced from other cereal grains.

In Brittany, on the west coast of France, Crêpes can be enjoyed any time of the day. Traditionally they are soft and thin and various fillings can be added to them. “Crêperies”, restaurants specializing in making Crêpes have only existed since the beginning of the 20th century. The advent of tourism has meant that the French style Crêpes are now known all over the world and they have become one of the symbols of French gastronomy.

In France, Crêpes are traditionally served on Candlemas which is celebrated on the 2nd of February. As with most festivals, Candlemas has not escaped the superstitions usually associated with traditional celebrations. It was believed that the first pancake had to be cooked with the right hand while holding a gold coin “Louis d’ Or” in the left hand to ensure wealth for the year to come.

Also, on this date in the middle of winter, people’s thoughts turned to Spring and they wondered how much longer they would have to bear the cold weather. Popularly, it was believed that “if Candlemas be fair and bright, winter has another flight”. If in the United States a marmot is used to check the arrival of Spring, in France the weather at Candlemas is thought to give a good indication of what is to come: good weather means that the winter will last “forever”.

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The perfect




We have created a menu that goes against all traditional guidelines. We encourage our team to be extremely radical in thought and vision while remaining conservative in practices and principals. We allow our chefs to always be creative and cutting edge at all times keeping our menus ever evolving. This philosophy is the reason we have created such staple signature dishes both sweet and savory.

Le Crêpe concept was designed to apply French and Asian principals to our model. We wanted to infuse quality service and hospitality with incredible presentation and attention to detail in each dish served all in a romantic yet fun and provocative setting that appealed to the masses.

We don’t have a microwave or heat lamps or holding trays to keep food warm and our products are never taken out of a can. Our team prides itself that each dish is made-to-order. When you place your order that is when we begin making your meal. We use only the freshest and most high quality ingredients. We use local providers and markets to source the majority of our products.

The secret sauce to our success? We care! We care about our guests experience, we care that your guests eat the finest quality ingredients, we care that our guests love just as much what their meal looks like as how it tastes. It brings us great pride when we see empty plates and guests waiting to eat their meal so they can take a photograph of the presentation of what our team of chefs has created.

Who wrote the rule that crepes had to be breakfast or dessert? We welcome guests to travel down the road less traveled with us.

Happy Eating!

Le Crêpe Team

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